Pride Foundation Community Granting Application is Closed

Pride Foundation is in the process of restructuring our community grants program to further reflect our philosophy of social justice philanthropy. No date has been set to open our 2014 community grants cycle. Please check back in early summer 2014 or join our e-news list to be alerted when our 2014 granting cycle will open.

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Pride Foundation provides grants to these areas:

  • Arts and Recreation
  • Education, Advocacy, and Outreach
  • Health and Community Service
  • HIV/AIDS Service Delivery and Prevention
  • Lesbian Health
  • Youth and Family Services


  • Organizations or projects must operate within one or more of the Northwest states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and/or Washington.
  • Applicant projects or organizations must have 501(c)3 non-profit tax status or be affiliated with an organization that has 501(c)3 tax status that will assume fiscal responsibility for all funds received and expended.
  • Projects or programs must directly benefit the LGBTQ community; people affected by HIV/AIDS; and/or their friends and families.


  • Maximum grant award is $5,000.
  • Grants to individuals are not considered.
  • Organizations can apply for only one grant per region, per year.
  • Organizations that receive grants must submit a written evaluation at the completion of the project.
  • Pride Foundation does not provide multi-year funding commitments. Applicants are welcome to apply annually.


Pride Foundation’s work is guided by social justice philanthropy. Social justice philanthropy for Pride Foundation is:

  • Harnessing the tools of philanthropy (granting, fundraising, communication, and advocacy) to address the ways in which the LGBTQ community is connected to systemic inequities that impact other marginalized and underrepresented groups in our society.
  • Supporting nonprofit organizations and leaders that work for structural change.
  • Increasing the opportunity and engagement of those who are marginalized politically, economically, and socially.


If you need more information regarding this process, contact your area’s Regional Development Organizer.

For general grant assistance or questions, or if your project will be operating in more than one state in the Northwest, please email our Director of Programs, Gunner Scott, or call 206.323.3318206.323.3318 or toll free at 800.735.7287800.735.7287.