We want to see you succeed! Here’s some useful advice.

Application Tips

For students who have never filled out a scholarship application before or for those students who are interested in knowing more about what we ask on our particular application, we are providing the following worksheet to help you prepare to complete our online application. You can download the Pride Foundation Scholarship Application Worksheet and learn more about our scholarship application and have a practice run through answering the questions before you begin the online application.

If you are looking for general tips on completing Pride Foundation or any other scholarship application, we suggest you read this excellent scholarship application tips worksheet. It has useful advice on how to complete an application, tips for writing stellar essays, asking for references, and ways to make your scholarship search more productive!

Similar Scholarships

The following are useful sites for students searching for scholarships. There are numerous LGBTQ and straight-ally scholarships available as well!

HRC Scholarships Database for LGBT & Allied Students – extensive list of scholarships for LGBTQ and straight ally students. The list can be sorted by national and local resources.

FinAid – a list of scholarships and advice for LGBTQ students pursuing higher education. There is also useful general financial aid information available on this site.

Equity Foundation – several scholarships for LGBTQ and ally students from Oregon. Each scholarship has its own separate application.

TheWashBoard.org – If you are a Washington resident looking for scholarships, theWashBoard.org makes it simple by putting applications from Washington-based scholarship providers in one place.