In honor of Pride Foundation’s 30th anniversary, we partnered with StoryCorps—an organization that shares our commitment to documenting and preserving the rich oral history of the LGBTQ community across our region. We hope you enjoy the stories we’ve collected through this series: What Happens Here.


Moneisha Harrell chats with transgender icon Marsha Botzer, nationally-recognized for her decades-long work advocating and fight for LGBTQ rights, particularly the rights of transgender individuals. Marsha and Moneisha share great observations, perspectives, and insights as to the current need for our work to happen across multiple issue areas and work together, in spite of differences for lasting change.



David Drake asks Raven E Heavy Runner, regionally-known Two Spirit activist, about his coming out and his experience understanding more deeply the the challenges and privilege of coming out at an LGBTQ person in rural or Native communities.



Debbie and Cliff Schenk, whose son is gay, learn about the challenges of being an LGBTQ person in a rural community and share how they’ve become better allies by understanding his struggle.



Eran Thompson, National Not In Our Town board member, talks with Liz Welch of the ACLU about what they learned from the Billings non-discrimination ordinance campaign.



Shelley Hayes and her good friend Becky Webber discuss what it felt like to testify at the City Council hearing, and the aftermath in the community after the legislation failed.