Pride Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary by celebrating our entire community. We’re doing that by coming together as a family in the places we call home.

Beginning in September, Pride Foundation family from all corners of the Northwest will host 30 house parties over 30 days to celebrate our 30th anniversary and the incredible progress we’ve seen as a community over the last 30 years.

Whether it’s a small dinner party with close friends, a blow-out bash with hundreds of people, a fundraiser, or a ‘friendraiser’—our goal for these parties is simple: come together as a family and show that we will continue to be there for one another as we address the critical issues that still face our community.

These are just a few of the hosts who have offered to host a party in your home community:

  • Jason Bergevin & Kelly Abner (Seattle, WA)
  • Greg Smith (Bozeman, MT)
  • Dawn Lockwood (Helena, MT)
  • Carol & Chuck Heath/Mary Maheras (Billings, MT)
  • Jean-Paul Willynck/Jesse Barber (Seattle, WA)
  • Camille Moyeux (Portland, OR)
  • Brandy Pirtle-Guiney (Portland, OR)
  • Katie Carter (Portland, OR)
  • Kim Sogge (Portland, OR)
  • Paula Matano (Portland, OR)
  • Kathy Sewell (Lincoln City, OR)
  • Jeff Sakuma/Bob Evan (Seattle, WA)
  • Laura Wright (Great Falls, MT)
  • Kris Costello/Costello Law Firm (Seattle, WA)
  • Jason Kildall (Yakima, WA)
  • Mark Lee/Leon Song (Richland, WA)

If you’d like further information about hosting or attending a party in your area, read our House Party Host Toolkit and please complete the information below!

For more house party resources, click here.

Can’t make it to a party? You can still support LGBTQ people across the Northwest. Donate here.