The following are supplemental materials to the NSPA 2010 conference session presented by Anthony Papini, Director of Scholarship Programs at Pride Foundation. If you have any questions please email him.

NSPA 2010 Presentation (PDF format) – this also includes an updated slide discussing budget implications, IT staffing, and security/privacy in greater detail

2009 Paper Scholarship Application Archive (PDF Format) – sample for reference, this was our paper application that was used for many years. Note that students had to submit seven copies and we also ended up making 5-7 more copies to accommodate our review process.

Demo login for the online application systememail Anthony for access to this. Currently, a demo login is only available for the application portion. The admin/reviewer system demo will be available shortly.

About Pride Foundation (PDF Format) – brief overview of our organization, including our mission and vision statements

COMING SOON: Sample volunteer evaluation materials (PDF Format) – this document also has a brief explanation of how we engage community volunteers and our training process with them

Thank you again for attending the session! We hope you find these materials useful.