Having adequate resources to support your project is vital to getting the work done. Resources can be defined broadly:

  • Volunteer/people support
  • In-kind donations
  • Media attention and good word of mouth
  • Community leadership support
  • Funding/financial support

This section will focus on creating adequate financial support. The most popular topic in nonprofit capacity building on the web, here’s the best set of sources to build a fundraising program, no matter how small or large.

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Check out these primary pages we’ve drawn from for a comprehensive view of fundraising capacity.

  • Grantspace, a service of the Foundation Center, is a comprehensive resource site for nonprofit fundraising information. They have an online classroom which hosts a range of web-based courses, many of them free (after you register on their site). They also have sample documents available (cover letters, proposals, letters of inquiry, etc.) which can be useful as you create your own proposals.
  • The Foundation Center also hosts Cooperating Collections, which are free funding information centers in libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers that provide a core collection of Foundation Center publications and a variety of supplementary materials and services in areas useful to grantseekers. Go here to find a location near you.
  • GIFT, or Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training, is a well-respected technical assistance organization providing hands-on and accessible fundraising support. They have done extensive work in communities of color, and their resources online, including webinars and articles some in Spanish, are plentiful. Expect to pay a small fee for each resource (often $3-$20), but you can sign-up for regular fundraising tips here.

An Overview of Types of Nonprofit Fundraising

There are many types of fundraising that a nonprofit can engage in. These links provide an overview to the different types of fundraising activities that are available to you. For the purposes of this page, and to keep things simple, the tools and templates section sill focus on grantwriting and individual donations.



Several sites offer multiple webinars/audio training related to fundraising.

  • Grantspace. Registration required.
  • GIFT (search for multimedia trainings on demand). Registration and payment required.
  • Care2. Registration required, and be aware that they do a bit of advertising for their services within the webinars. Still solid, useful information.

Case Study

Asian Pacific Islander Pride