Welcome to the Racial Equity Initiative Resource Page, hosted by Pride Foundation. This space has been created to celebrate your successes as a cohort, create an ongoing gathering place to share ideas, as well as offer concrete resources as you continue to grow your organization.

There is a range of amazing tools and training available over the worldwide web, and the following resource guide is an attempt to offer a well-rounded toolbox while giving you lots of jumping off points to do your own research to find exactly what you need.

And because sometimes the very best resource you can find is someone who’s been just where you are, we are proudly highlighting successes from our group as well. In each section, you’ll find a profile of one of your partner organizations highlighting their success and offering ideas for you to do the same when you’re ready.

How To Use This Site

This site is intended to be a reference for you as you continue to build your organization. There is no way we could adequately represent the full range of resources available to you on the web, so have focused in on the main capacity building issues we have seen the cohort face. The site is divided into five main sections:

  • Setting the Table: Here you’ll find some sites that put the capacity building issues we explore within the community building and justice arena.
  • Financial Management: Links and resources to create a firm financial foundation for your organization.
  • Leadership Development: Links and resources for cultivating invested and capable leaders who will grow your organization.
  • Fund Development: Links and resources to develop a comprehensive funding strategy for your organization.
  • Board Development: Links and resources for creating a strong leadership body for your organization.

Each page will begin with some overall web links to check out, and what you’ll find there. Following will be a set of resources (templates, webinars and articles) that we think will particularly benefit the cohort. If you don’t find exactly what you need, dig further. The sites recommended hold far more resources then we are able to highlight here, and you will likely find what you’re looking for by jumping over to the recommended sites and exploring.