We don’t need to tell you that LGBTQ organizations run by and for People of Color are unique–you live it every day.

For us putting together the toolbox for this site, it has been important not only to think about what all emerging and small organizations need to create a solid foundation for their work, but also to consider the specific issues you face.

Community building and justice is at the heart of everything you do. And while this site primarily focuses on four capacity building areas, we’ve found a few resources that put that work in a bigger context.

The Headwaters Foundation for Justice is a great place to start. Their resource section is filled with many gems, and is divided into four sections:

  • Skills: downloadable tools that offer practical information and how-to training on communication, evaluation, fundraising and organizing.
  • Topical Resources: videos and resources on issues affecting grassroots organizing today–issues like environmental justice, transit equity, or current social movements.
  • Reports: reports produced by Headwaters and many by community partners  on everything from racial equity to making the case for community organizing as a strategy for leveraging benefits for the community.
  • Resource Links: external sources where you can find much, much more information than we could ever begin to gather in one place–go ahead, check it out!

The Western States Center is familiar to many of you, and their resource section focuses primarily on training tools and reports. Here you’ll find:

  • Tools: training tools and curricula on organizational development and various issues to advance our progressive movement.
  • Resources: helpful reports on issues to build progressive movements.

Training For Change offers great training modules to use in group facilitation (think: your Board or key volunteers). With information on topics ranging from Organizing to Team Building and Strategy, these hands on resources help you get important conversations going. Their website is also available in Spanish.

One Last Word: On Social Media

While the digital divide is still real, there’s the reality that the revolution may not be televised, but it sure is being tweeted.

This fun, short article found on Ning is an invitation to use social media for organizing and galvanizing your community.

Beth Kanter’s Blog lives up to its tagline: How Networked Nonprofits are Using Social Media to Power Change.

How are you using social media or your online presence (in even small ways) to further your cause? How do you think it might be relevant to your work?

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