Title: Office Manager

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Seattle, Washington

Jack of All Trades. Renaissance Man. The Catherine O’Leary of his time. These are a few of the ways Craig’s professional life has been described. He prefers when things run smoothly and finds he has a knack for making that happen (except for that one time…). Craig grew up in New York and adores the east coast, but Seattle is truly his home. Originally, the University of Washington was only going to be a place to pursue his degree in Architecture, but once he came out west he just couldn’t leave. Craig loves the fact that his job involves helping people pursue higher education. It was the first step for him to get out in the world and a wonderful one at that. He likes long walks on the beach, dinner by candlelight, and his humor dry. Did we mention he’s a Sagittarius?

Contact Craig regarding scholarships, fellowships, and internships.

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