Title: Director of Programs

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Seattle, Washington

Trading in the Northeast for the Northwest, Gunner left Boston in 2013 with his two cats and his husband for Seattle’s music scene, dog friendly culture (promptly adopting Betty, a rescue dog), and Pride Foundation. Previously, he was the executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition where he led the successful Transgender Equal Rights campaign which added non-discrimination protections for transgender youth, adults, and families in Massachusetts.

Gunner brings over two decades of experience leading change in the LGBTQ community along with extensive experience in training and curriculum development, program management, public education and legislative campaigns, fundraising, and communications. He received a B. A. in Liberal Arts from Goddard College, where he completed the oral history project entitled “Boston Area Transgender Community Leaders and the ENDA Crisis.”

Gunner believes that equality should know no boundaries, including state lines, city limits, or rural routes and Pride Foundation’s work will help to advance equality for LGBTQ youth, adults and families across the Northwest.

Contact Gunner about Pride Foundation’s programmatic efforts and special initiatives throughout the Northwest.

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