Title: Regional Philanthropy Officer in Washington
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Ellensburg, Washington

Tylene began her employment with Comprehensive Healthcare in 2003, then Comprehensive Mental Health, in a short-term contracted position in medical records. Since May 2008, Tylene facilitates a Clubhouse model psycho-social rehabilitation program for people with severe and persistent mental illness.

Tylene is a small-town girl who likes the sense of community felt by seeing her neighbors at the grocery store or the post office. She relocated from Portland, Oregon in 2001 following the beginning of her transition to re-gain that small-town love for life. Tylene, a 2007 graduate of Central Washington University, also enjoys working in her yard, attending community events and spending time with family and her friends. More recently, she enjoys settling into her new role as Grandma to her new grandson.

Tylene left her small town of Haines, Oregon to begin her transition in 2000 and relocated to Portland, Oregon “to find others like me.” In doing so, she met an incredible group of women living their lives openly and authentically, and who were instrumental in her gaining the strength and courage to do the same. Not long after, she moved to Ellensburg; Tylene was introduced to Pride Foundation through a grassroots organizing training that led to a grant opportunity for V.O.I.C.E.S of Gender program. Since that time, Tylene has worked to support transgender people and educate others about the challenges faced by transgender people in rural areas. Tylene volunteered with Pride Foundation through their Regional Outreach Committee as well as the grant and scholarship programs since 2004. When the opportunity arose to join the Board of Directors, Tylene not only saw it as a privilege to support the work of Pride Foundation, but also as a way to continue to pay forward the opportunities that have been afforded her by those who lived their lives openly and authentically before her.

Contact Tylene Carnell regarding Central & Eastern Washington grants and scholarships, or volunteering, and donating in this area.

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