In addition to providing funding for nonprofit organizations through our grants, and scholarships to students, Pride Foundation utilizes initiatives to further our mission.

The Rapid Response Fund provides funding to groups and organizations to lead the work that will protect our friends, families, and our communities. Quick and timely grants will be awarded from the Rapid Response Fund for groups across the Northwest who are organizing responses as needs continue to emerge in their home communities.

The Oregon Immigrant and Refugee Funders Collaborative serves as a coordinated, collaborative, and nimble funding approach to address issues impacting immigrants and refugees in Oregon, and to support local organizations responding to these issues.

The Queer Youth Initiative supports the many LGBTQ youth centers around our region.

Our Racial Equity Initiative began in 2008 as part of a national focus on strengthening LGBTQ organizations run by and for People of Color.

The Shareholder Advocacy program works directly with companies in which we own stock to help them update their non-discrimination policies to protect their LGBTQ workers.

The Homeless LGBTQ Youth Initiative is a four-year initiative that to fund innovative, collaborative approaches that address the unique needs of homeless LGBTQ youth in Washington State and Portland, Oregon.