Pride Foundation has created a Rapid Response Fund to counter the renewed threats at both local and national levels against the hard-fought legal, economic, and cultural advances our communities have made.

These discriminatory efforts have consequences that reach far beyond their immediate legal ramifications. They impact the mental health and psychological well-being of the people in our communities who are being targeted. They embolden people to actively discriminate, and the outcome can be hate-filled and violent. Fundamentally, they undermine our humanity and our worth, and strip us of our ability to be treated with dignity.

This Fund will ensure that groups on the ground responding to emerging developments have the critical resources that will be needed to come together and protect one another in the coming days, months, and years.

Quick and timely grants will be awarded from the Fund and will support things like:

  • Community organizing efforts in response to incidents of hate and violence
  • Legal and “know-your rights” clinics for transgender people and LGBTQ immigrants
  • Safety and security planning for movement leaders
  • Mental health and other services for LGBTQ people in crisis, and trainings for providers to offer more culturally-responsive services

Please make an investment in the Rapid Respond Fund so that we can continue building and strengthening the movement for justice and equality across the Northwest.

If your organization is engaged in response efforts, please visit our Rapid Response Fund application page to find out more about funding opportunities.