Pride Foundation has created a Rapid Response Fund to counter the renewed threats at both local and national levels against the hard-fought legal, economic, and cultural advances our communities have made.

These discriminatory efforts have consequences that reach far beyond their immediate legal ramifications. They impact the mental health and psychological well-being of the people in our communities who are being targeted. They embolden people to actively discriminate, and the outcome can be hate-filled and violent. Fundamentally, they undermine our humanity and our worth, and strip us of our ability to be treated with dignity.

This Fund will ensure that groups on the ground responding to emerging developments have the critical resources that will be needed to come together and protect one another in the coming days, months, and years.

Quick and timely grants will be awarded from the Fund and will support things like:

  • Community organizing efforts in response to incidents of hate and violence
  • Legal and “know-your rights” clinics for transgender people and LGBTQ immigrants
  • Safety and security planning for movement leaders
  • Mental health and other services for LGBTQ people in crisis, and trainings for providers to offer more culturally-responsive services

Please make an investment in the Rapid Respond Fund so that we can continue building and strengthening the movement for justice and equality across the Northwest.

If your organization is engaged in response efforts, please visit our Rapid Response Fund application page to find out more about funding opportunities.


Rapid Response grants, supported by generous contributions from our community of donors, have been awarded to the following organizations:

The Community Center
Area Served: Twin Falls, ID
Populations Served: LGBTQ Immigrants, rural

  • Funding will be used to conduct a citizenship day event on April 1, 2017, providing support and resources for outreach and application fees for LGBTQ identified immigrants. ..

National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA)
Area Served: Washington & Oregon
Populations Served: LGBTQ Immigrants, LGBTQ POC (US Citizens), LGBTQ Asian/Pacific Islanders

  • Funding will be used for the organizer training schedule for March 18, 2017, travel support for attendees from Portland; ongoing support technical assistance and follow up, and for the supportive legal referral network.

Human Dignity Coalition
Area Served: Deschutes County, Oregon
Populations Served: Transgender, rural

  • Funding will be used to support identification clinics in 3 rural communities over the next 3-6 months. Each ID clinics will have assistance from Legal Aid for changing drivers licenses, passports and birth certificates and to cover filing fees for low income trans men, trans women and/or trans children if needed.

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Area Served: Portland Metro Area/Northern Willamette Valley, OR
Populations Served: LGBTQ Immigrants/Refugees

  • Funding be used for EMO’s program, Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees (SOAR), which includes developing and facilitating 10 Know Your Rights events for 50 – 200 attendees (per event) throughout the Portland Metro Area and Northern Willamette Valley, and SOAR legal staff to provide immigrants and refugees with legal information on individual rights and safely planning for families who may facing the deportation of a family member.

Q Youth Resources
Area Served: Kitsap County, WA
Populations Served: Transgender/Trans, Gender Queer, and/or Gender Diverse Communities; LGBTQ Youth; Rural

  • Funding will be used for QYR to lead the work of Washington SAFE Alliance public education campaign in Kitsap County, and to help form diverse coalitions in the county to host organizing workshops, town halls, and other public meeting opportunities to provide education about how the initiative would impact the transgender and gender non-conforming community.

Northwest Youth Services (NYS)
Area Served: Whatcom County, WA
Populations Served: LGBTQ Youth; Homeless, Rural

  • Funding will be used to add additional staff hours for the Queer Youth Project Coordinator to develop community organizing efforts in response to incidents of hate and violence and to provide trainings to community service providers, schools, and other community members when incidents occur.

API Chaya
Area Served: King County, WA
Populations Served: People of color; Immigrants/Refugees; Transgender/Trans, Gender Queer and/or Gender Diverse Communities

  • Funding will be used for a project to address organizational safety planning that will benefit clients, staff, the organization as a whole and our community partners.

The Montana Racial Equity Project
Area Served: Bozeman, MT
Populations Served: LGBTQ; Rural; People of color; Transgender/Trans, Gender Queer and/or Gender Diverse Communities

  • Funding will be used for ‘Bozeman Open To All Business Initiative’ – a multi-faceted, business-driven project which aims to build visibility for the LGBTQ community to both patrons and employees who may be living and visiting the community.

Seattle Area Support Groups & Community Center
Area Served: King County, WA
Populations Served: LGBTQ; Critical and culturally-responsive mental health services/support to LGBTQ clients

  • Funding will support SASG staff as well as the community members in organizing and implementing Elevate – Recovery Movement training for LGBTQ members including curriculum development, presentation of materials, and overall implementation of the training. Elevate – Recovery Movement is an existing network of community representative of the LGBTQ community and other population groups including mental health and recovering communities who have suffered from substance use and their allies. SASG and with Elevate members will help guide the course of implementing the training.

The Centro de Comunidad y Justicia (CCJ)
Area Served: Boise, ID, South Central Idaho, and Malheur County, OR
Populations Served: Latinx and LGBTQ immigrants of color

  • Funding will support expanded outreach into under-served rural communities, including one-on-one contacts, community-based legal clinics, know-your-rights (KYR) trainings, and legal forums, specifically for Transgender and LGBTQ immigrants. In addition, this funding will provide direct financial support for low-income or no-income LGBTQ people related to filing fees and legal representation with a particular emphasis on focused on Naturalization applications; Petitions for Alien Relatives; applications for Legal Permanent Residence, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Adjustment of Status, and unlawful presence waivers.

Forward Montana Foundation
Area Served: Helena, Missoula and Western MT
Population(s) Impacted: LGBTQ Youth, Transgender Youth

  • Funding will support Forward Montana Foundation’s (FMF) first annual Montana Youth Organizing Summit on September 9, 2017 which will provide more young Montanans access to the networks and skills that will grow generational power. While the event has been in the works for months, FMF recently augmented the Summit to focus more deeply on resisting the anti-trans ballot measure that was recently approved to collect signatures in the State of Montana. LGBTQ equality will be one of four issues highlighted throughout the day and all attendees will have two opportunities to attend information sessions about the state of LGBTQ Equality in Montana.

ACLU of Montana
Area Served: Montana
Population(s) Impacted: Transgender Communities

  • Funding will support the production of public education videos to elevate the stories of 10-20 transgender Montanans across various communities including Missoula, Helena, Butte, Great Falls, Bozeman, and Billings, and to continue to work to identify transgender people in smaller rural areas. This project is in collaboration with the Montana Gender Alliance, Rural Transgender Wellness Project, Pride Foundation, Forward Montana, Empower MT, Montana Human Rights Network, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana, Montana Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, and Montana Women Vote.

Snohomish County Music Project
Area Served: Marysville, WA
Population(s) Impacted: LGBTQ Youth

  • Funding will support evidence-based music therapy practices to address therapeutic goals, improve mental health, and promote resiliency among our community’s most vulnerable citizens, LGBTQ youth. Costs covered are for running the group until the end of the school year, including 80% for music therapist staff time, 10% for outreach, and 10% for program coordination.

 Rural Organizing Project
Area Served: Jefferson, Deschutes, Crook, Polk, Linn, Benton, Wasco, Hood River, Clatsop, Union, Umatilla, Coos and Lane counties in Oregon and Klickitat, Walla Walla, and Pacific counties in rural Washington.
Population(s) Impacted: LGBTQ People of Color (US citizens), LGBTQ Immigrants/Refugees

  • Funding will support staff time, event space, materials, and any costs associated with providing training and support for small towns and rural communities facing threats and/or in response to incidents of hate violence, ICE raids, detentions, deportations and increased vigilante and state violence. The trainings and activities include Know Your Rights trainings in Spanish, for immigrants; Know Your Roles trainings in Spanish and English, for documented allies; Creating a Culture of Safety and Security trainings; and/or Rapid Response Strategy Sessions when incidents occur.

 Ori Gallery
Area Served: Portland, OR
Population(s) Impacted: LGBTQ People of Color, LGBTQ Immigrants/Refugees, LGBTQ People in Religious Communities, Transgender/Trans, Gender Queer, and/or Gender Diverse Communities

  • Funding will support a new community space focused on directly organizing and empowering Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPoC) through organizing and mobilization through the arts. The ultimate goal being a place where Portlanders can gravitate for resources that empower their communities to fight hate and gain equality in their neighborhoods, while giving artists space to engage in a new dialogue about race and culture.

Beyond These Walls
Area Served: Oregon
Population(s) Impacted: Transgender/Trans, Gender Queer, and/or Gender Diverse Communities, LGBTQ People of Color, Incarcerated LGBTQ people

  • Funding will support work with outside mental health professionals, prison staff, and Oregon Department of Corrections to build a pilot project to test the efficacy of transgender inmate support groups and a training program for clinical and social work staff at the facilities.