TRANSform Washington is a public education campaign at Pride Foundation celebrating the dignity, diversity, and humanity of transgender and gender diverse people. We believe all Washingtonians deserve to be safe, to be their true selves, and to live free from discrimination.

This project was launched in 2016 in the midst of anti-trans Initiative 1515 in Washington State. Though this potentially disastrous measure was defeated prior to making it to the ballot box, the work to lift up the stories of transgender and gender diverse people is never over.

The primary areas of focus for TRANSform Washington include:

  • Collecting and sharing stories for online and in-person audiences
  • Convening trans and gender diverse leaders from across the state
  • Facilitating ‘Trans 101’ trainings in Western Washington for businesses, community groups, and nonprofit organizations
  • Delivering media and message training for campaign and organizing groups
  • Partnering alongside and advocating with transgender rights groups across the United States


Authentically Us: VR Film Series



The latest project of TRANSform Washington is a series of short documentary films, with a focus on telling the stories of transgender people in our region using 360˚ filmmaking and Virtual Reality.

In partnership with filmmaker Jesse Ayala Jr. of Fovrth Studio, these Virtual Reality (VR) films are part of Oculus’s VR for Good Creators Lab. This recently established project pairs filmmakers and nonprofits to make great VR in the name of social good.

In winter 2018, we were thrilled to announce that one of these films was named an official selection at South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, and another was named an official selection at Tribeca Film Festival. Please click the film posters for more information.




Get Involved


Interested in getting engaged in the fight for transgender equality? Here are some easy ways to get involved:


Visit the TRANSform Washington website to share your story and hear more stories of transgender and gender diverse Washingtonians.

Donate to TRANSform Washington and help drive the collection of even more stories and further these critical public education efforts.

Click HERE to learn more about what is happening in your state, and what you can do to help stop anti-trans bills in their tracks. We are continuing to see waves of anti-transgender state bills and ballot initiatives. Already, 10 states have introduced 21 anti-trans bills, and 2 states are considering anti-trans ballot initiatives.

Show your support for transgender service members by sharing this ad voicing opposition to the Trump-Pence administration’s ban on transgender service members and use the hashtag #ProtectTransTroops

Write to your representative and urge them to support The Equality Act! Here is a sample email that you can simply copy and paste to make this outreach easier:

To: [Your Representative]
Subject: I Support The Equality Act

Dear Representative,

I am writing to ask for your support for The Equality Act (H.R. 2282). The Equality Act would provide consistent and explicit anti-discrimination protections for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people across key areas of life, including employment, housing, credit, education, public accommodations, federally funded programs and jury service.

Despite significant steps forward, LGBTQ Americans lack basic legal protections in states across the country. Current laws leaves millions of people subject to uncertainty and potential discrimination that impacts their safety, their family, and their very way of life. Data shows that 70% of Americans are in support of such laws.

Everyone should have a fair chance to earn a living and provide a home for their families without fear of harassment or discrimination.

For these reasons and so many more, I am urging you to support The Equality Act so our LGBTQ neighbors, friends, family and coworkers can live free from discrimination.

[YOUR PHONE NUMBER (optional)]