Pride Foundation Videos Feature Conversations
About the Freedom to Marry

Pride Foundation recently worked with a professional film crew to record a number of beautiful conversations between Washingtonians about the freedom to marry.

This is part of an ongoing public education campaign led by Pride Foundation in partnership with several community-based organizations. These interviews—featuring same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples and local community leaders—offer compelling stories and personal testimonies about why marriage matters to us all. Marriage means family in a way that no other word can. And same-sex couples want to marry for similar reasons as anyone, as a public vow and lifetime commitment to the person they love.

Pride Foundation will be releasing several of these interviews as we seek to spark conversations with our friends, family, and neighbors about the freedom to marry. But these interviews are too good to hold onto all by ourselves. That’s why Pride Foundation is now offering to share the original footage with the community at large so that others can enjoy the interviews in their entirety and even use them for other public education activities.

If you would like to have a copy of the interviews, please contact Kris Hermanns, Executive Director, at 1.800.735.7287 or email Kris.

Please note: these are large video files, too large to post online all at once.  Interested parties will need to supply the necessary computer equipment for the file transfer.